ACC 557 Assignment 3 You Are an Investment Analyst

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Company Analysis: PepsiCo and Coca Cola
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Various organizations around the world have a lot of share in the market. These organizations try to make sure that, they work in such a manner that, they have a competitive advantage in the market. Here, in the present paper, the discussion shall include two organizations. The first organization is PepsiCo and the second organization considered here is Coca Cola. These organizations are in the beverage industry and also provide various kinds of food products to the customers. The organizations considered in the present paper have a major share in the market and these organizations try to ensure that, they will continue to have a competitive position in the market in the future. Here, in the present paper, various kinds of things shall be considered. The things will include the financial performance of the organization, the products, stock prices, and the impact of the few events on the stock prices of the organization. In this way, various kinds of things shall be taken into consideration. Description of PepsiCo

The organization considered in the present situation is PepsiCo. The organization is an American multinational corporation which is engaged in the beverage and the food industry. This organization is doing its activities in the field of food and beverage industry. The organization provides to the customers by way of manufacturing, marketing and distribution, the grain based snacks. It was established in the year 1965 by virtue of the merger between PepsiCo and Frinto Lay. The organization has moved leaps and bounds since the date of its formation. The organization should make sure that, it enhances its profits to a continuous level. There are various kinds of products provided by the organization to its customers. The products provided by the organization include soft drinks, potato chips, Quaker foods, snacks, lipton tea and various other kinds of products. The organization is currently having its operations in around 200 countries. The organization is the second largest food and beverage organization in the world. For the organization, the major customers are those who are living in the countries in which, the organization is selling its products. For the organization PepsiCo, the form of leadership is said to be one of the most effective forms of leadership. The organization is not using the same form of leadership at all the times. There are two styles of leaderships used in the organization. The styles of leadership used in the organization include democratic style of leadership and autocratic style of leadership. The organization makes changes in the form of leadership according to the situation. For example, if the situation in the organization is of the kind that, it is necessary to take the assistance of the employees in a proper manner, then, the organization will make sure that, it adopts the democratic style of leadership. On the other hand, if the organization will have the situation in which, a major decision has to be taken then, the organization will definitely adopt the method of autocratic style of leadership. In this way, both the forms of leadership shall be used in different situations. In relation to the actions of the organization, it can be said that, the organization has been able to perform its activities in a proper manner. The organization is having certain product lines and regarding the product lines, it has been provided that, the organization has been able to generate the sales up to the level of $1 billion each for all its product lines. The annual net revenue for the organization PepsiCo has been about $43.3 billion. The organization has been ranked as the best in terms of generation of net revenues....

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