Acadian History

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Acadian History
This section of the web site is devoted to the history of the Acadian people. It explains how and why the French lived in this place and called it “Acadia”, it was the part of New France. How a group of less that 100 families, including Francois Girouard and his wife Jeanne Aucoin, took a chance and left France to inhabit this new land and call it home. This Colony of people managed to prosper even under strict English rule. I can thinking the how the Acadian people lived and in what kind of the houses, and what food they eat??? .

In 1755, everything changed.
The years between 1755 and 1762 was a tragic time for the Acadians and the Girouard Family. The British and French were feuding over the control of rights and land. Until 1713, all the Acadian were asked to swear loyalty to the British. When they refused the British authority decided for enforce a deportation. It was a bad news for Acadian. Acadians lost all of their rights and lands and were forced to leave in the hold of overcrowded ships bound to a unknown place.

The story of the Acadian deportation is not pretty. During the late summer and fall of that year, troops acting under the authority of colonial officials rounded up about seven thousand French-speaking, Catholic Acadians. They were crowded into the holds of transport ship and dispersed in small groups throughout the British North American colonies. Many families were separated, some never to meet again. Another eleven thousand Acadians escaped into the woods and spent years as homeless refugees. At least three thousand were captured and sent to France, while others took up arms in guerrilla resistance.

* Why did this happen? What offense had the Acadians committed? They had refused to take an unconditional oath of allegiance, insisting on remaining neutral in the violent and destructive imperial warfare between the colonial empires of Great Britain and France. They were willing to swear loyalty to the British...
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