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Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Music genre, Classical music, Jazz / Pages: 3 (748 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2014

Effects of listening to music for health Researches have found that listening to music reduces stress whilst completing a task. Research has been done continuously since the 80’s to learn the effect of music to an individual. Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky (1993) described the effect of classical music on cognitive functioning, called “The Mozart Effect”, it is said to improve one’s spatial reasoning. Hallman, Price, and Katsarou (2002) stated that calming music improves individual’s performance on arithmetic and memory task. All this improved ability might relate to one thing, stress alleviation. To proof this hypothesis experts and professionals have been conducting experiment on the effects of different music genres on stress and performance level on a given task.

Chimento and Tafalla (2006) conducted an experiment to proof that music help reduce stress by separating people into three different groups according to musical genres, silence, classical music and hard rock music respectively. They were given STAI test to determine their stress level before cognitive test and also after. Lasser (2006) conducted an experiment to study the relation between music and spatial test. Participants were given Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Matrix reasoning task in different group with different conditions, Mozart music, Techno music, vocal relaxation and also silence. Another experiment was conducted by Philips (n.d.) in which the effect of music on computer based task is being investigated. The experiment is done in pairs, the pair works on computer to rank 15 essential items for lunar survival whilst listening to music with 10 minute time limit or untimed condition. Each pairs were given different musical genres to listen, classical music, punk and silence.

Chimento and Tafalla (2006) found that participants who listened to classical music would report lower levels of stress while participants exposed to hard rock music would report significantly higher levels of

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