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Book Reviews have Feelings too
Academic writing is basically writing you will start in college. Once entering an academic community with similar ways of thinking, speaking, and writing, it is important to also develop the skills to do these things in order to have a higher level of educational learning and to join others in conversational studies. Like any other types of writing, academic writing has many types of genre that follow under it. These genres can include research essays, journals, anything to annotated bibliographies and proposals. The genre that will be discussed in this essay is the book review. Although book reviews may not seem as important as other genres of academic writing, it is actually often in college assignments and appears a lot in professional writing as well (Magazines, Newspapers). Book reviews are a very evaluative genre and requires one to effectively ask oneself questions about the subject of matter. Compared to other genres, a book review asks for one’s viewpoint and opinion, requires an evaluative summary of the book and its characters and uses a thorough yet easy to follow analysis for the audience.

For this subject, I have interviewed Tina Nazerian, a student at Rice University, about book reviews. When asked about why book reviews are considered as a genre of academic writing, Nazerian expressed how important it was, saying, “The writer of the book review is synthesizing vast amounts of information to make a point, or points” (Nazerian). The writer gains knowledge through writing book reviews by learning how to ideally and effectively express and persuade their viewpoint. Although book reviews may be mistaken as similar to book reports, it is actually not identical. Book reports focus mainly on discussing the plot, characters and main ideas of the work, while book reviews give a sneak peek about the book and criticism on whether they enjoyed it or not (Welcome).

Book reviews...

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