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By patte13 Oct 17, 2013 667 Words
Write brief notes on the following reading and writing interface skills: a) Summarising
b) Paraphrasing
c) Synthesising
How can a Commerce student make use of these skills in compiling material for an assignment?

One of the most important aspects of academic writing is making use of the ideas of other people. This is important as one need to show that he or she has understood the material and that one can use their ideas and findings in their own way. Spack (1988, p. 42) has pointed out that the most important skill a student can engage in is "the complex activity to write from other texts", which is "a major part of their academic experience." The writer must not use another person's words or ideas as if they were his or her own: this is Plagiarism and plagiarism is regarded as a very serious offence. defines summarising as getting the main ideas from a given text, passage or chapter and rewriting them in one’s own words. Normally the summary is shorter than the original passage or chapter and it gives an overview. It also highlights the stages useful in summarising which include reading and understanding the text carefully, thinking about the purpose of the text, selecting relevant information, finding the main ideas, changing the structure of the text and rewriting the main ideas in complete sentences. A good summary shows that one has understood the text but excludes all examples, illustrations, comparatives and superlatives. A paraphrase is a personal version of the given passage. According to there are six steps of paraphrasing. Firstly rereading the original passage until the reader has understood its full meaning. Secondly, setting the original aside and writing one’s own paraphrase on a note card then jotting down a few words below the paraphrase. Also, checking rendition with the original to make sure that the writer’s version accurately expresses all essential information in a new form then using quotation marks to identify any unique term or phraseology which has been borrowed exactly from the

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