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Topics: Ethics, Morality, Decision making Pages: 4 (590 words) Published: October 10, 2014

Mindfulness and Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics is a discipline concerned with the study of the values of human conduct and their relevance, and in which the actual values and standards by which we live are defined. However, ethical dilemma is a complicated situation, which involves conflicts and misunderstanding between crucial moral values (Nicole & Maurice, 2011). Several ethical theories have been developed that serve as a guide to people when making decisions. Nonetheless, these theories are only limited to the how questions and does not tell an individual what decision to make when handling a particular situation. An example of an ethical theory is the Deontological theory (theory of work) which considers one’s adherence to his duty as the primary degree of moral rightfulness. It involves making decisions based on the set procedures without considering the outcome that may be generated by these decisions (Nicole & Maurice, 2011). An individual’s personal values play a big role in his or her decision making process. This is because; personal values of individuals are directly related to their beliefs of proper standards of conduct and the expected consequences. For example, I personally believe that when it comes to making decisions in formal situations, it would be prudent to follow the set rules and procedures of handling such situations. This implies that my decisions would be relating to a specific reference, that is, the company’s set rules of conduct; and would not take a consideration of the good or bad outcomes of my actions. This would, then, make it easier to explain the outcomes of my decisions to any interested party. In the lure of this my personal value/belief, the theory of duty best fits my personal view of decision making. Mindfulness refers to an individual’s awareness, both internally (awareness of their own thoughts) and externally (awareness of what is happening in their environment) (Nicole &...

References: Lampe, M., & Engleman-Lampe, C. (2012). Mindfulness- based business ethics education. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 16(3), 99-111.
Nicole, E. & Maurice, E. (2011). In the Moment: The Effect of Mindfulness on Ethical Decision Making. Journal of Business Ethics, 95(2010), 73-87. doi:10.1007/s10551-011-0796-y
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