Academic Success: Designing

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Academic Success

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”. (Charles Eames) I came across this unique quote by Charles Eames when taken a Web Master Design Technology class in high school. Hearing my teacher Mr. Tysinger repeats this quote every day of class gave me the inspiration to accomplish my purpose for his class. When entering this course I came with an open mind to explore the different ranges of the internet and how a web page is form. While taking the Web Master Design class many challenges had arisen. The most vivid challenge that comes to memory is when I was having difficulties grasping the skills of making graphic designs, forming web pages, and connecting different types of networks. When I saw that I wasn’t getting the materials that was being taught, I went to my guidance counselor office and sat down to go over how I could maybe get out of this course because I knew I wasn’t going to pass. When talking to my counselor she had said there wasn’t any way I could get out of that class, when she said that I knew I had no choice but to stick it out. I knew right then that I had to sink or swim through this course.

As I began the course, we started discussing the background of technology. How technology is the application of knowledge and how technology is a major part of graphic design and the making of web pages. As my teacher Mr. Tysigner lectured on about technology I found out that my classmates were more advanced and had more experience with Web Design than I been. They even had all the proper updated software that was required for the class than I had. As my teacher gave lectures to the class on the technology terms that would be used, I fell short on learning the concepts and meanings of each term. Once, I grasped the concept my teacher then explained the process of designing a webpage. Networking came into play as a skill that my teacher had to teach. My classmates got the...
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