Academic Success 2

Topics: Thought, Question, Logic Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Individual Project 2- Academic and Professional Success

For the Reading, I completed the 1-OverView, 2-Model and 3-Animation. For the Writing, I completed the 1-OverView, 2-Animation and 3-Practice Skills 1 For the Math, I completed the 1-OverView, 2-M3.1 Getting Started and 3-M3.1 Practice Skills 1

My MFL experience was very interesting and time consuming. I must say I did not expect much of what I reviewed. After completing the first MFL (Reading), I knew my think cap would be turned way up to “High”. In all honesty, I became very frustrated each time I got an answer wrong. I would read passages thoroughly, but over looked the more realistic and fact part of an answer instead of the one I thought seemed correct. I’m not too sure if I have completed the assignment in it entirety, but the pains in my neck prove that I spent a good portion of time on each question and answer. It was worth it. I learned that the things I thought I knew best were the things I really didn’t know anything about. Many times I feel that I can answer questions correctly when I am not being graded or asked. Completing the MFL showed me how much more thinking is necessary when I am completing an assignment for class rather then for my own personal reasons.

* How did you organize and plan your time in order to complete the Path Builder? I read the IP instructions over and over to make sure that I understood the topic at hand clearly. I knew it would take a while, so I made sure that I had good but not so filling food (this way I didn’t fall asleep) , water and Ginger Ale(because I knew I would get headaches from being frustrated).

* What was your impression of the tool and the process? My fist impression was, “This is going to easy”, after going in deeper depth, I realized that my knowledge and basic skills would be put to the test in ways I never thought.

* What skill set strengths and weaknesses were reflected in the results? Were you surprised? I think my only...
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