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Academic Skills Week 2 Tasks
Task 1
Example of a good introduction:
Over the last five years, higher education lecturers have experienced a significant downturn in the quality of written work produced by students. For example, one of the important sections of any essay, the introduction, is often poorly written, providing nothing more than background information, or not included. McDonald has identified that: ‘Academic introductions are becoming a neglected part of an assignment by many students’ (2008). Traditionally, these skills have been taught prior to students attending university. There is an increasing concern amongst academic staff that the lack of a clear introduction, demonstrates poor attention to detail and effort on the part of the student. However, research has shown that first year students have not attained the necessary understanding of academic writing to incorporate the necessary sections into their written work. The objective of this research is to determine through the use of questionnaires the level of knowledge students have in writing introductions when entering university. The questionnaires will be provided to students to complete during their induction to university, prior to their programme of study commencing. The data collected from the questionnaires will be analysed to identify where the gaps are in the students knowledge where writing introductions are concerned. Once these gaps have been identified, appropriate training and study skills sessions can be implemented by universities to increase the student’s ability to write introductions. Example of a poor introduction:

All students have poor study skills. Study skills can make a real difference for students. They can help students to complete their work and allow for more time for them to socialise with their friends. I like to socialise with my friends as it is an important part of life. One of my friends likes to socialise far more than the others, so it is difficult to keep up with them. I don’t think that I could go out as often as they can. What I think is important when writing is that you get as many words on a page as possible and when you have reached the word count you can stop and hand it in this then gives me more time to go out. What is evidence?

The evidence you will be providing comes from your research. The more research you have completed, the more information you will have to support your argument. Students who find it difficult to write an essay, or who leave the essay to the very last minute, are usually the ones who have not undertaken any additional research other than the information given to them by lecturers. If an essay is poorly researched, it reflects in the standard of written work presented, which will also reflect in the overall mark awarded to the essay. The more preparation you complete the easier it is to write. You may agonise over how to present the information, but, you will reduce the stress of trying to create something from nothing. Remember we see hundreds of essays in a year, so we can easily identify when a student is trying to blag their way through a piece of work, or even worse try and pass another person’s work of as their own! Use the evidence you have found to develop your argument. You use you research to develop and explain your argument, using quotations from texts, journals and or other sources. These other sources can be quantitative or qualitative research you or others may have conducted. Construction of a high-quality paragraph:

Each paragraph should contain:
A clear opening key sentence
Evidence: both supporting and contradictory to you your argument Context: say where your research came from and how relevant your research is to the argument Comment: an explanation as to why the evidence is important to your argument. A clear link between each paragraph

Written usually and preferably written in the third person

Examples of paragraphing:
This will be...
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