Academic Performance

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Education is the main reason why people can live happily in their lives because they benefit, profit and change their way of life from the use their skills and knowledge through work and labor. People with such development are successful and satisfied, not like people that don’t have a diploma or undergraduates has less chance of having or finding jobs these days. That’s why education is one of the basic needs of our children in the society, but nowadays students’ cares less for their educational background or attainment because of the different pleasures in life that occupies their need to study and develop. What causes it is of lack of study habits, laziness and unfocused mind that affects the students’ school performance. These problems are the results in poverty, unemployment, and in some other cases application of crime to survive.

Academic performance is the background and key of one’s student to a good future, it is very important for a student to perform highly in class which results in satisfying records that is being evaluated by companies and hospitals. Due to lack of importance and interest to this matter, graduate students regret their low performance and small interest to their former studies. That’s why the researchers have decided to focus on the possible ways to develop education for students’, the factors how to improve academic performance of radiologic technology students of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Las Piñas Campus.

The most common factors that affect students’ performance are environmental, teaching, equipment’s, as well as student’s selves. Students complain about the way of teaching, incomplete equipment’s, unsuited learning facilities, and lack of study time for themselves; this factors affects students in their school. Studies show that having a good working or studying place is better so students can be comfortable with the environment and they can perform properly in class, sufficient equipment is also a big component in learning so students can familiarize themselves with machines and apparatuses, with these they can get enough experience and data before entering internship and work. Professors or teachers plays a big part in acquiring a good academic performance, relation between students can give boost to their performance and their ability to study at times but showing of negative feedback to students can either result in lack of interest, absences, discourage and failure. The use of visual aids in discussion or lectures is also one way of getting students’ attention and making the topic much easy and organize, film showing and presentations are also very applicable in this matter, studies shows that students can learn fast and get more information through observation because they are enjoying what they’re watching. Discipline, characteristic of a student and bad hobbies can also affect their performance in school; its either bad study habits, how they grew up under their parents’ supervision, peers and vices, and addiction with computer and drugs. But, regardless of the factors that affects students’ performance in school, the researches wants to know what are the ways to improve academic performance, this is the main point of this research that the researchers want to find out.

Background of the Study
The researchers chose to make a study about the factors that affects academic performances for a reason that researchers noticed the problems about academic failure of college students here in Perpetual that are being influenced by the said distractions that occur in their daily lives. The primary purpose of this research is to know which daily life activity greatly affects the students with their studies and how to avoid or find a solution for it. With this process, people will know and be aware about the cause of these things specially...
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