Academic Integrity Answer Key

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Understanding Academic Integrity Answer Key

Speakers: Narrator, Student

This answer key reviews correct and incorrect feedback for the Understanding Academic Integrity Tutorial scenario questions.

Scenario 1

Student: I’m taking this course a second time, so I’m just going to reuse my paper from the last time I took it. I wrote the paper, so it doesn’t make sense for me to write the same paper all over again. What should I do?

(Option 1) I should probably ask my instructor if I can reuse my paper from my previous course, just to be safe.

(Option 2) I don’t need to ask anyone for permission. It’s my paper, so I’m going to use it.

Scenario 1 Option 1 Response

Narrator: Great idea! When in doubt, always ask your instructor. Reusing your own work without permission is considered self-plagiarism, so it’s a good thing you asked. Remember: your instructor might say no, so you should be prepared to write a new paper.

Scenario 1 Option 2 Response

Narrator: You’ve just plagiarized. Reusing your own work without your instructor’s permission and without citing your work is considered self-plagiarism and is a serious matter. This action could result in an academic violation charge and disciplinary action from the university, up to and including expulsion. Perhaps you want to consider asking your instructor’s permission.

Scenario 2

Student: Okay, so my instructor says I have to write a new paper for the assignment. Before I start writing, I need to do some research. Where should I begin researching the information needed for my paper?

(Option 1) I’ll search the Internet. That’s much easier, and I don’t know how to search for resources in the University Library anyway.

(Option 2) I’ll look at the course materials, and textbooks, and University Library to find the credible sources.

Scenario 2 Option 1 Response

Narrator: Performing research on the Internet is always an option, but you must be cautious about using material that isn’t credible. Why did you decide

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