Academic Integrity - 3

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Cheating Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Academic Integrity Paper
University of Phoenix
October 8, 2012

Academic Integrity
This paper will speak of Academic Integrity. What it means to use it correctly and the consequences when wrongfully used. I will voice my views along with the views of others on how Academic Integrity is good rule to follow to write a paper. The paper will also be speaking of the disciplinary action that will be put into place and how students have to go through steps to completing those disciplinary terms. What is Academic Integrity?

What is the true meaning of Academic Integrity? Looking up the definition it tells people that Academic Integrity is a university that adheres to a moral and ethical principles or just plain honesty. This definition comes from knowing what academic means referring to a college, university, educational institution, or an academy. Mainly, a place of higher education (, 2012). While combining academic with integrity, which integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty (, 2012). Combining of these two definitions will give people the true meaning of Academic Integrity. My Views

What Academic Integrity means to me is that people do not need to cheat their way through school to do better in life. When a people are writing a paper, those people need to do it the right way and keep it honest. Keeping a paper honest, people need to write their paper in their own words and if people use material, which is not theirs to make sure their using proper citations using American Psychological Association (APA) formatting or what the university requires. When people do not know if, they are plagiarizing something, it is always best to cite where they got the information of the material just in case. There are also plagiarism sites that can verify if the material is in good standings.

For example, at University of Phoenix people can use the Center of Writing Excellence (CWE) to...

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