Academic Honesty

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Using Axia’s Educational Resources

The University of Phoenix makes online college convenient for students like me to achieve a respectable degree in a challenging occupation. The university has downloading files and audio tones that can be made portable for busy students like me. I can listen to details regarding a major assignment on my MP3 player while taking a morning walk. The University Library is where you can research important material and ask then ask a librarian a question if needed. There’s also a site where you can type a key word or name of the topic and varies articles will appear. With this resources available you can keep up in your class and maintain an outstanding grade. All of the above makes it easier to learn and more interesting. It’s really convenient for a person like me, because it saves a trip to the library. I have everything to complete my assignment through the access of my lab top and resources are located my online website.

Upholding Academic Honesty

I definitely believe that the policy of academic honesty is relatively important, because there could be consequences involved if its not exercised. If someone take advantage of a writing I published, and plagiarized it as theirs I would press charges to the fullest exist of the law. I know for a fact that if you use someone’s writing there needs to be name and date of that passage for approval. The author doesn’t know about the doing, but at least you know that you are covering yourself from plagiarism. The Center for Writing Excellence has a plagiarism checker where you can submit your paper to help with you better site your assignment. When sighting information and researching a topic it can help you earn good grade, because your instructor can see that you took the time and dedication to do the work the right way. Illustrating the proper techniques is a terrific example of showing academic honesty.

Setting and Achieving Goals

This class has really...
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