Academic Goals

Topics: Communication, Writing, Goal Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Are academic goals really helpful for your future? Setting short-term goals and long-term goals can be very useful for your future. I personally will like to achieve many goals I’ve set for myself. Three most important goals I would definitely like to achieve are, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Written Communication. I consider those goals so important for my future and for my career in business. Setting yourself with future goals can make a difference on your future and can take you to success on your business career. One of the most important skills I need to improve and achieve is oral communication. It is one of the strongest skills you need to conquer in order to succeed in the business world. Communication says it all, it simply applies to many things, such as presentations, business meetings, and you’re everyday life. Communication might sound easy to achieve, as you have it on your daily live with parents, friends, pretty much everyone, but on a business industry, communication is beyond just a simple conversation. A professional and ethic communication is needed in a business field. Communication is just something that’s needed in order to be a good player for your business or your company. There are many different types of communications; these five types of communications are the most commonly, intra- personal and interpersonal communication skills, focused and unfocused interactions, and nonverbal skills. My one strategy I will apply to this specific goal will be to have more communication everyday with classmates, get involved in class discussions, and just practice it not just in a common daily communication, but in a professional way. Critical Thinking is another goal that is being set for my future. Having the ability to be a great problem solver or make helpful decisions will lead me to a great success. They both are two things that will appear frequently on this field. I will work hard to achieve this goal and to conquer it in order...
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