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Topics: Communication, Civil engineering, Writing Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: September 23, 2013
The role of communication for civil engineers

The objective of this essay is to discuss the role of communication for civil engineers. Communicating effectively in the workplace is a vital skill for all civil engineers. I will cover the following points in my essay. Firstly, I will discuss the different communication methods used in the civil engineering field. Secondly, I intend to highlight the importance of communication skills in civil engineering and thirdly, I will state the importance of interpersonal communication and list some essential interpersonal skills used by civil engineers.

In the civil engineering field there are many types of communication methods. These methods are used to communicate an idea, solve a problem or show progress on a project. Design reviews, are used to help teams communicate their progress on a design. As an engineer you will participate in presentations, which will allow you to discuss and make proposals on a project. You will need to write letters, memos and e-mails using the correct formal register and tone.(Dawn Kowalski,1993). You will be required to write various reports which will help present facts in an organised form, so that important decisions will be made based on it. The reports used in engineering can be classified into categories which include: short reports and long reports, management reports and technical reports, routine reports and special reports and oral reports and written reports.(Marsha & Sharma,2009:111-117). "One look is worth a thousand reports."(Marsha & Sharman.2009:167).

Having good communication skills is very important. You will be more likely to get your message across, come across with more authority, you will be able to explain complex instructions, produce natural and fluent text quickly and easily and be able to put your plans and thoughts into action. As a civil engineer, this will allow you to create a positive impression on those around you.(Hasson,2012:99). In the construction...
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