Academic Dishonesty and Material

Topics: World Wide Web, Academic dishonesty, Internet Pages: 4 (1480 words) Published: December 19, 2009
Essay on the Misuse of the Internet in Academic Institutions Internet, the World Wide Web and computers have become a widely accepted aid in education and their influence in nearly all spheres of human existence is constantly increasing. The internet provides access to a very wide range of material that can be readily accessed with a few clicks. Although the easy search capability inherent in the inherent is very beneficial for researchers, there is also a tendency which has been widely reported amongst the young students to indulge in academic dishonesty by copying and pasting material into their assignments without adequately understanding the content or acknowledging its original source. Such practices which have been amongst the most widely reported abuses of the internet and which have been known as plagiarism have caused many educators to express their concern. However, plagiarism is not the only misuse of computers, the internet and the World Wide Web which has been noticed at academic institutions. The misuse of computers, the internet and the World Wide Web is subject to constant evolution as inexperienced users as well as the evil genius continue to spring new surprises. Cyber law is also constantly being changed to take into account new practices which may be construed as being a misuse of the internet. Many practices in which internet users may indulge and which may be construed to be a misuse if the internet can render individuals subject to criminal liability. It is, therefore, important to ensure that all internet users are adequately educated and informed about the misuse of computers, the internet and the World Wide Web. This essay takes a look at the misuse of the internet in academic institutions and what can be done to reduce the incidence of such misuse. The use of the internet and the World Wide Web has seen a massive increase throughout the world because it is possible to readily disseminate information, search for specific information or...
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