AC 1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within own job role

Topics: Communication, Writing, Individual Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: March 16, 2014
As I deal with a multi team of individuals including service users I support, I recognise that communication with each individual has to be personalised to their needs. I stay aware of how I communicate with any individual and make sure each person has the correct method to feed information back to myself whilst staying proactive at all times, i.e. sourcing information for my own knowledge. When dealing with service users I ensure I remain a part of the team and that each person sees me on a regular basis and know the correct methods to contact or communicate with myself whether I’m on the ground at work or working away from the units. Part of this communication includes daily logs of activity’s each team member has participated in that day, medical logs to record and report on the health of each service user and also handover books for each staff member to use to pass information on throughout the team. Part of effective communication amongst my team is daily face to face shift handovers. I work with parents, carers, families, care managers, community nurses along with joint working of outside organisations from educational factors to work placements in the community and also managing my own team. I use a wide range of communication methods to keep up a good standard of effective communication within my job role. This also enables me to keep up good positive rapports and relationships whilst building a trust with each individual. Communication methods I use are one on one verbal communications whether this is via the telephone or regular meetings. Verbal communications are vital in me being able to represent ideas, change or discuss any active working practises at work. I also actively use report writing whether this a monthly report for each service user to update the multi-disciplinary team or writing an incident report due to a matter within the work place. This is also done via email often daily to ensure everyone’s knowledge of any matter is up to date for...
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