Abyssinian Crisis - Research Table

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Research table 2

Why did the invasion take place?
Stage 2: The League of Nations

What could the League of Nations do to prevent the invasion? Decide on 3 actions that the League could have taken to help stop Mussolini in Abyssinia. Explain why you think each chosen action would have worked and why they didn’t do it.

You can choose from this list or you can think of your own actions: •Act very quickly to calm the situation after the first fight at Wal-Wal •Impose oil sanctions
Tell Mussolini off in front of the whole world
Ask the USA to help
Send in the troops to help Abyssinia
Close the Suez Canal to stop Italian ships getting from the Mediterranean Sea to East Africa

How it would have stopped Mussolini
Why it was not done
1. Ask the USA to help
The USA would have a lot of material needed to stop the invasion USA did not want to be involved but they didn’t mind leading 2. Send in the troops to help Abyssinia
He would have had lower numbers therefore more of his people dying or him recruiting which would stop the invasion It would mean more deaths and possibly a war which is what the peace group did not want to do to start off with 3. Tell Mussolini off in front of the whole world

His people who looked up to him would see what he was really doing instead of being blindly lead which is what he was trying to do to them It would have been hard to get people to listen because his people were so invested in him and believed that he was truly doing the right thing
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