abusing power

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Abusing of power
Handing too much power can gain lots of benefits to organizations’ own. People would be define that power are an evil force which can only compromise and obedience. If not justify the power for an organization, corrupt and uncooperative works could be occurred. Such a view, Pfeffer (1992, p29), noted that while held by many, ignore the social reality that organizations cannot function effectively because of abusing of power. This issue tells the characteristics that organizations or people who abused power would have and measures the power are good using or abused.

Power is an authority use to influence others that who are independent in circumstance. It can act in any direction in an organization, clearly members at higher levels have more power. Members who abused power, means the power acted in an improper way, due to the members have power that over others in the situation. They try to use their unique abilities such as physical strength, social position, knowledge, superior mental dexterity or partner trust to uses that power to harm or exploit people who are not influenced. “Organizational politics are informal, unofficial, and sometimes behind-the-scenes efforts to sell ideas, influence an organization, increase power, or achieve other targeted objective.” (Brandon, R & Seldman, M., 2004). Actually, organizational politics are closely related to abuse of power in theory. The writer considered that while interest are eventually inconsistent, “rational” decision making alone may not work as common. Hence, political behavior and influences tactics might occurred. Organizations may use these disapproved tactics to pursue not-sanctioned outcome, leads to abusing of power. Gandz and Murray did a survey of 428 managers that would like to response explain the ambivalence of power in organizations. This survey improved the upper part of the issue that organizational politics and power abusive are related. In the concept, most author, the writer includes, regard organizational politics as the use or exercise of power, with it define as potential force as well. The survey noted that 55% of these respondent think that politics were detrimental to efficiency, and most of the top management should try to get avoid of politics in organizations (Jeffrey Gandz and Victor V, Murray, 1980, p237-p251). People would also suggest that means and ends of the organizational politics could be ambivalence because of the processes and strategies may produce an outcome they desirable or totally opposite result arises. In addition, for the related point which the issue proposed, the view from which people estimate organizational decisions generally do not justice to the realities of the social environment. “The impeachment of Tony Blair would form a fitting end to a prime minister ship which opened with the promise to be 'purer than pure', but ended in the arrogant deception of the British people. This ancient form of trial, which has lain disused but not defunct in the armory with which we defend our liberties, is the means by which Parliament can humble a chief minister who has arrogated grotesque quantities of power and has treated with contempt the constitutional forms which ought to have restrained him.”(Spectator, 2004). There is no doubt that influence and power could be exercised and gained for evil purpose. Tony Blair has a number of lines of defenses to make people compromise him that reads the evidence presented by Adam Price, acted in good faith to convince them and, he bring up a right result, even if the reasons which he declared for doing it were wrong. This showed up Tony Blair abusing of his power with a sanction ends but unacceptable means. The means to any ends are merely way to complete something and the end may not always justify the means, though none of it would like to discredit the political activities. Political activities and power courses can be used to complete great...
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