Abused Men

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Hengxuan Chi
Academic Writing( Fall 2 2011)
Research Paper Assignment
She Slapped Him: Abused Men

Joe S’s wife slapped his face and scratched him when she got into trouble with money. However, Joe never hit back because he just thinks a man cannot hit a woman. Jeff W. was hit by his wife several times. When he first met this problem, he thought this may be a onetime thing. Steve J. had 12 years of married life. Unfortunately, his wife would push him into a wall and throw glass objects or something when she got irate about something (Philip, W. Cook, 2009, p.53). Domestic violence is common in American society, according to Todd, A. Migliaccio (2002, p.27), “one of every three American couples will engage in violent acts against one another.” In the US, the most frequently report statistic is four females are beaten by her partner every minute (Philip, W. Cook, 2009, p.1). It seems that males have never be hurt by their partners. In fact, the National Victimization Survey did a survey in 1992-1993. The survey told us that one million females and 143,000 males became victims of domestic violence in that year (Philip, W. Cook, 2009, p.3). And, the male victims keep increasing every year. In 1993, 15 percent of males was beaten by their partners, and in 2005, the percentage became to 17 percent (Philip, W. Cook, 2009, p.3). Domestic violence against men (DVAM) is caused by several factors. In the US, low income, not enough strength and choosing a wrong wife cause DVAM.

Men who have lower income and a much lower income than their wives are more likely to be abused in their families. Robert, A. Pollak did a research about DVAM in 2011. After referring to many researches about DVAM, he claims that "although the literature on domestic violence is vast, the literature within economics on the topic is scant. Several recent papers examine the effects of spousal abuse on economic outcomes such as women's employment or attempt to measure the overall cost to society of domestic violence". Researchers begin to notice that income is a very important factor between spouses and domestic violence.

As a result of a man who has a lower income, his family is much more possible to have a poor life or a difficult life. So, income is the first problem for most families. It usually causes serious economic stress for couples in matters like children’s education, medical treatment, house loans and insurance. Spouses may be more moodiness and sensitivity under the stress. The negative aspect of the stress causes more family stress. These stresses finally increase the possibility of violence. In addition, many Americans who have a low income may spend all of the energy on making money. They may ignore managing their families. Managing family is the behavior that people do something to keep their families’ state more harmonious and more positive. Managing family just is the most effective method to avoid family contradictions, because many problems of a family are solved by some simple conversations between couples or some little changes of each person. Furthermore, the income of the husband is an obvious or hidden factor that influences a wife to respect her husband. If the husband has low income, low respect can be given by his wife. This situation that husband has lower income gives DVAM a good chance to appear. According to Robert, A. Pollak (2011, p.314), the equilibrium of violence depends on the quantity of the reservation controlled by each spouse. The bad physical fitness is another factor that causes DVAM. In America, many people jog, ride bicycle and do other sports as many as they can. Many of them want to have a good physical fitness. As we know, physical fitness affects a human’s life by several aspects, it also influence us to avoid the DVAM. Man who is not strong enough has more probability to be abused by his wife. As the precondition, people have to know that violence does not only belong to...

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