Abuse on Women

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Expository Speech

Good morning Mrs. Lee, My name is Kimberly Hoffman and the theme of my portfolio is Gender Issues. I chose this theme because I have often realized that for some persons relationships seem to be designed by the gods, filled with joy happiness and romance. While for other relationships seem to be the complete opposite, the joy happiness and romance are replaced by sadness, grief and often hatred. So what factors would contribute to any woman staying in the latter type of relationship? This is the question the researcher sat out to explore.

While doing this research there were many problems that the researcher had to face. The researcher’s primary source Mrs. Blair- Brown was practically inaccessible for the duration of the research as she was away on vacation. Despite numerous efforts made by the researcher an interview could not take place.

It was very difficult to find an abused woman who would speak openly about the matter. However, the researcher found a woman willing to speak to her and in fact, the interviewee was hopeful that the findings of the research would inspire women in similar positions to put an end to the abusive relationship. So through all my difficulties, I somehow achieved excellence. What is that Jamaican saying again? “ If yuh really wah fi good yuh nose haffi run!” well my nose ran a bit but I am much better now. The researcher’s efforts were rewarded as the interviewee proved to be very cooperative and was able to provide the researcher with the required information.

The researcher had the pleasure of interviewing a victim of abuse. The interviewee wishes to use her right to privacy and as such will be referred to as Sarah Amus during the course of this research. Sarah Amus was married for eight years and was like any other woman, excited to marry the man of her dreams. The first two years of her marriage was exactly as she had imagined. Yes there were a few arguments but all these were easily resolved....
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