Abuse of Power in the Workplace

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: July 24, 2012


In the world we live in today, corruption is part of our daily life. Everybody wants to have businesses and own companies to an extent that they do anything to get to the top. Some are made managers without managerial skills probably because of to their race, popularity or bribery. When an individual is in a position of authority, they tend to change from the way they; dress, communicate and live. Abuse in this context is basically the unfair treatment to gain benefit of some sort. There are different types of abuse in a workplace for example; Abuse of power/authority, Abuse of Information, Sexual harassment etc but Abuse of power, information, Authority in government will be the main focus of this discussion. Abuse of power is the illegitimate use of power, meaning that him/her who is in the superior position than all the other workers has got more knowledge, but uses to make the other workers feel inferior or uses it to his/her advantage for example not making it on time to work, ill- treating workers or using the assets of the company/business as they please. The Abuse of power is closely linked with the Abuse of information meaning mangers asking workers from lower management to do their work for them and presenting as it were their own without their permission (Plagiarism) and Abuse of Authority which could be in the form of political corruption, using legislation powers by government for own personal gain for example political opponents and general police brutality. The reason why I have chosen this hypothesis, because I have interest in the business world, when I read abuse of power , a lot of questions, information in my head I just would write it all out from my interpretation. People in the business world need to know when they working for...
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