Abundance In Movie Remakes

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Ronald G. Buell III
Professor Casamassima
EMF 140
Final Paper: Abundance in Movie Remakes

Each year hundreds of movies are released to the public for viewing in theaters to generate billions of dollars in profit. It just seems that as of late these movies aren’t necessarily “new”. Movie companies such as Disney, Pixar, Universal Studios, Warner Bro’s Studio, Paramount, Spyglass entertainment, Lionsgate, Columbia and Screen Gems have started to find a quicker, safer and cheaper alternative to making movies. Instead of stressing to create huge budgets, write a script, find actors, producers, and directors studios have found it is much more profitable to just re-make old movies or make a sequel to a previously successful movie. This saves time, money and stress not having to completely re-write a script while being able to just use the same crew as the first movie. Making a re-make also allows for a pretty accurate projection of the profit their re-make will make because they have the same audience following as the previous first movie.

One of the first examples I will be talking about is the Fast and Furious series. This series has a cult following and recently just released their 7th movie in the series called “Furious 7”. This movie shattered box office records with the 9th largest domestic opening of all time. This movie was also written with controversy due to the death of one of the lead actors Paul Walker. The death called for what viewers thought was “one last ride” and the end of the series so it brought tons of extra advertising and attention. The first week in theaters generated 147.2 million which was 50% higher than their anticipated ratings (Frater 2015). With the second and third weeks not falling to far behind making a total of $65 and $70 million, it was safe to say this movie was a hit. In fact it made movie history by becoming the first movie series to ever top $1 Billion globally in profits. This action packed series had a change in the ending due to the real life death of Paul Walker making it much more emotional. It left the audience sad but with a sense of respect that the series was finally coming to an end. After a few weeks of generating more profit than the company had ever anticipated they announced the controversial decision that there will now be a Fast and Furious 8 and that they will be replacing Paul Walker’s character with a look-alike. This created an uproar with the Fast and Furious cult following because they felt as if they ended the 7th movie on a perfect note and it couldn’t get much better than that. Some fans have even started a page to boycott the release of the movie stating it is all about the money to the company and it’s a shame they would even consider doing such a thing.

One of the next movies that’s another perfect example of a remake sequel that is coming out is the new movie ‘Jurassic World’ which is a sequel of the previous movies Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III. These three movies were made in 1993, 1997 and 2001 making it about 14 years since this dinosaur movie has been in the topic of conversation. The film makes up for it plot wise by saying the original park laid dormant for all those years due to it being too dangerous. It then has a spin off after the park is re-opened to the public by saying a monster dinosaur too strong and too smart to be stopped is on the loose threatening to destroy the park once again. This plot isn’t too far off of the original ones where the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex was wreaking havoc on the island but with the extra 22 years of technology I’m sure the special effects and animation of the dinosaurs will create for a much more life-like scenario. This is just yet another example of how a successful movie series won’t stop making films if they know that movie goers will still spend the money to go see the sequel the day it comes out. Although the Jurassic series...
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