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Abul Khair Group is one of the largest group of companies in our country. At present it has a rich business portfolio and exports some of its product in the foreign countries. Almost all products of the Abul Khair Group are in the leading position. Abul Khair group has become a lighthouse in the ocean of production of different products and has been doing its business for last 45 years from undetected Bengal. Quality products and experts management is the essential thing in the 21st century to carry out the business efficiently and Abul Khair Group belongs that and she is a threat to the other competitive companies in the related field. It is sure that she is going to open a door for the future marketing system and already has become a model. This Group plays a n important role in our national economy and creates a huge number of employment opportunities. I feel proud to join in this company. My concentration area in the Abul Khair Tobacco Co. Ltd. I have performed my one month study in this sector. I have acquired a deep knowledge and grass route marketing activities by this study.

Objectives of the report
Every report has some objectives and my report is also one of them. Some objectives of my report is as follows: 1. To evaluate the marketing activities of AKTCL.
2. List of inspection area.
3. List of the own and competitors products and price.
4. Identify the problems and remedies of those.
5. Identify the weak area of AKTCL.
6. Collecting the opinion of retailers and consumer.
7. Measuring market share of products of AKTEL.
8. Identifying Market leader, challenger, follower and Nicher and their strategies. 9. Marketing policy of competitors
10. Proposal for increasing products Sale.

This report is based on survey and observation Method. For preparing this report I have collected data in the following way : 1. I have collected Secondary data my study territory.
2. I have collected data from the smokers and retailers by asking question. 3. I had to go different tea stall and garage for gathering data. 4. I also discussed with the R.S.I and T.S.O. sir about many topics to prepare this report. 5. All the Questions are unstructured and the information are discussed numerically and numerically.

Limitations of the report
Any report is not out of limitation. While I have conducted my duties in various places in various situations I have faced some limitations. These are as follows: 1. The data or information may not be absolutely perfect, as retailers or wholesalers do not provide accurately, 2. Many consumers and retailers are not interested to co-operative with us sincerely. 3. As it is very much tough to observe the market accurately.

By increasing the efficiency of workers of any company to fullfill something by giving education is said as study.

Purpose of study
The principal purposes of study of this company are to increase efficiency of its marketing, make acquaintance with work, and develop new thinking for development of this company and to fix employees mind fully to his work. Moreover some other purposes are as follows: 1. Follow the activities of companies,

2. To know how to increase, create and find out consumers, 3. Find out the different ways to create consumer and customer, 4. Development of new thinking about customers and consumers mind satisfaction.

Historical Back Ground of AKTCL
In the subcontinent of Indian Bidi was made of “Tendu Leaf” After the divination of India and Pakistan, (1947) Pakistan bought Tendu leaf from India. Because of India Pakistan war in 1965 India banned to supply Tendu Leaf in Pakistan. After that in Pakistan Bidi was made of “Kumbi leaf” Abul Bidi factory was established in 1958. It was named by the name of its founder late Abul Khair. He bought his factory from a Pakistani Citizen. The Growth of Abul Bidi was so high that the...
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