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The objective of this research is to create substitute product for that expensive VCO(virgin coconut oil)by the use of cocont extract.Instead of buying and using an expensive commercial VCO,we can make an VCO to our house and it easy to do.The researcher make their own version of VCO that can use to massage our body and it is not that much expensive.

The process of making VCO is so easy.After gathering all materials,it can already by process.

We would like to thank the ff.
We would like to thank Mrs. Cristina Rubino for her advices and giving this opportunity to make an inexpensive product.
To our beloved and supportive parents for teaching and giving some idea to make this investigatory project and to our group members for their help to make a good and successful investigatory project.

Most of all we would like to thank the Almighty God for his undying love and guidace at all times.

Natural coconut oil has been used in the Philippines.Since the raw materials are easy to obtain and the oil is easy to manufacture.Coconut milk,from which VCO is obtained,is a staple ingredients in most,as well as coconut oil itself.Coconut milk and natural coconut oil are also used as hair conditioner and skin oil.Nowadays,it also used in other products such as coconut butter,cream,massage oil,shampoos and lotion. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The researcher focused on the process of making VCO from coconut.
It answer the ff. questions.
1.Do this project used to massage our body?
2.What irregularities are shown by the project?
3.Compare the facts about the project and the commercial product.
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