Abstract on Marketing Intelligence System for a Media Company

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Marketing Intelligence Database Management at Manipal Media Network Limited

A project by
* Abhishek Gupta
* Aishwarya Shetty
* Nikhil Modi
* Nikita Patel
* Pritish Prabhu
* Rahul Dara
* Reshma R
* Rishi Gupta
* Sudip Ray
* Vaibhav Goswami

Manipal Media Network Limited is a subsidiary of Manipal Group which specializes in printing and publications. Udayavani, the flagship publication of the MMNL is a leading daily Kannada newspaper. Its subscriptions reach most cities of Karnataka including Mangalore, Bangalore and Gulbarga. Its first issue was in 1971 and it continues to grow daily reaching more than 300,000 houses.

MMNL has always tried to maintain the values of its shareholders and customers against its competition. MMNL strives to be a Multi-media Corporation, making its presence felt across several platforms including print, e-papers among others delivering local news and entertainment solutions.

The strategy of the IT team of MMNL is consistently aligned with the overall strategy of the company. This is done by the higher management who believe that IT plays an integral part in proving a competitive advantage. The IT team has provided MMNL with various solutions ahead of its time such as iTunes’ first Kannada Application, the first Kannada News Android App and has entered into partnerships with media leaders such as Yahoo and Newshunt. The IT team has also ensured that MMNL is a leader in delivering news on online platforms such as Android, IOS and Web. Along with this, it has developed internal MIS systems and also worked hand in hand with companies like 4CPlus for successful ERP implementations in numerous areas. By implementing Market Intelligence Database System which will help us in storing the data in a structured format and providing management with quality information which will give them a better insight for efficient decision making.

Strategic Alignment Model

* Alignment of business and IT strategy:
* The overall business strategy of MMNL is to be a multi media corporation with presence across platforms delivering hyper local news and entertainment solutions. The IT team works in alignment with this overall strategy and strives to provide cutting edge technology solutions that are ahead in time, however keeping the cost aspect in perspective. * Some of the results of their effort is - ITunes first Kannada App, First Kannada News App on Android, Partnership with global leaders like Yahoo and Newshunt. Since many readers today have access to internet and spend a lot of time on it, the industry feels that there might be a shift from traditional newspaper to online platforms. * However, this should take a decade's time or so. MMNL being a leader in coastal in Karnataka sees this as an opportunity to be leader on online platforms as well like Android, IOS, Web.

* Alignment of business and IT capabilities:
* In order to align the business capabilities with IT capabilities, we have provided a suggestion to use IT capabilities in order to improve business processes and using IT tools to promote customer loyalty. The marketing intelligence system proposed by us is a step towards accomplishing this objective.

* Alignment of business strategy and business capabilities: * In order to align the business strategy with business capabilities, social architecture tools can be formulated. The existing resources and capabilities should be fully utilized in order to implement the business strategy. * Training and motivating the workforce and incentivizing the workforce on successful completion of strategic objectives and goals are the means towards achieving it.

* Alignment of IT strategy and IT capabilities:
* When it comes to internal strategy, the IT team has developed internal MIS system and also engaged with an external agency for ERP...
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