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Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Wade Pages: 5 (1195 words) Published: February 26, 2017

Abortion is a very conversational topic, but abortion is something that should an option for all women. If you’re pregnant, you have the right to decide if abortion is right for you or not; not everyone is ready to have a child. Abortion has been made legal in 1973 by the U.S superman court, but it is still an open and widely discussed topic. There have been new laws that prevent abortion, making it harder for an abortion to take place. It is unfair for government to changes the rules as they wish, it’s up to each pregnant woman to decide what is right and wrong. When is medically necessaire for an abortion to take place? Sometimes the woman's are in danger and abortion is necessary to save the woman's life. Genetic studies can show...

Abortion means ending of a pregnancy. There are several ways abortion can take place, one of the normal or common abortion is called spontaneous, which is a miscarriage. Mischarge can happen during pregnancy and the woman's has no control over it. The second way abortion take place is Induced Abortion is where the embryo or the fetus is purposely removed from the women body. This is when a woman's choices to end her pregnancy. To end a pregnancy, you can choose between a medical abortion (which means taking medicine to end the pregnancy) and a surgical abortion, such as vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation (Apothecary, T. 2015, December 07). Abortions were legalist in the 1973 the reason was to ensure a woman's health if a woman's health was in danger because of the...

It’s not strangers, but our own children, our own flesh and blood that is being killed. “From 1973 through 2011 there were 53 million legal abortions were performed in the United States (Abortion)”. There are many argument and theories on when does it become a human. It actually don’t matter, it’s your baby your blood, why would you want to kill it. There are many places to give your child up for adoption, many programs to help the mother.
Abortion was already legalist to help women that had issues during pregnancy. For women that was raped and carrying an unwanted child. Children are born with birth defects, genetic disorder and other diseases, and the family are not able to take care of the child or children. But now day’s abortion is just used to end pregnancy because the mother wants to end it. Killing a baby is so much easier, then to give birth to the baby and put the child up for...
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