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Topics: Recycling, Reuse, Recyclable materials Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 24, 2014
This study is conducted to find out the other use of used papers in the producton of a more eco friendly and affordable charcoal . It aims to make a charcoal which is easy to make and useful. The used papers are gathered and chop into smaller pieces , it is mixed with water, before drying it you are able to make any sahpe you want for the charcoal. For drying you are going to take 2-3 days to dry the paper charcoal.

The sample are tested by many seeker and compared it to the usual charcoal. The paper charcoal is more affordable and more easy to make than others. The paper charcoal and the usual charcoal functions the same but the paper charcoal can minimize the improper usage of used papers.

Many seeker prefer to use the paper charcoal because it is lighter than the usual and this product is can be produce with easy methods. A.Back ground of the study
Our government is now facing a lot of problems , not only on economy but also on our mother earth. The future generations are the ones affected to this present situation. To help our government to reduce the number of improper usage of paper which is made from trees , we students are promoting recycling not only in our school but also in our home.

We always try to promote recycling but many of us didn’t realize that paper or used paper rather are recyclable materials. By recycling we can also save money and promote something that can help other people.

We can reduce the number of paper which is just thrown or burn by other people by turning them into paper charcoal. You can also earn money by the paper charcoal. It is better than the usual charcoal.

B. Statement of the Problem
Our investigatory project aimed to determine if the used paper is recyclable and useful to many people. Specifically, it tried to answer the following questions. 1.Can used papers be alternative source in making charcoal?

2.What is the general ob servation on the use of paper charcoal when compared to the usual...
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