Abstract Expressionism Questions

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Impressionism 1)Impressionism is an art style which the artists would paint the painting as if someone only caught a glimpse of the object that is being portrayed. Impressionist artists use a lot of color. Most impressionist paintings are outdoors. The pictures are usually very bright and vibrant. 2)Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Alfred Sisley.

3)My favourite impressionist artist is Vincent Van Gogh because I really like the things he paints, and his ability to blend colors. He painted a lot of paintings of the water and plants. 4)This is an interesting site on impressionist water colours: http://emptyeasel.com/2008/01/09/benoit-philippe-impressionist-watercolor-paintings-from-the-united-kingdom/ Surrealism

1)Surrealism is a artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of fantastic imagery. It has no intent to be logical. It is very random and usually has a great deal of surprise.

2)My favourite surrealism painting is Elephants by Dali Salvador. I really like this painting because it carries a lot of surprise to it. I also like it because the background blend of colors really makes it come alive!

Abstract Expressionism

1) Abstract Expressionism emphasizes the depiction of emotions instead of objects. Most painters of this art favour large dramatic and loose brushwork. 2) Jackson Pollock , George Seuret , and wassily Kandinsky

2) George Seuret:
George Seurat was born on December 2 ,1859 In paris . Seurat was not only interested in the way he put colors together or even the painting itself. He would mostly concentrate on the science in the picture and the optical mixing of the colors. He invented a way to show colors as they really are. He invented art where you can keep the purity of the colors as they come from the...
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