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Weir The Real Difference
Cristina Castillo & Diego Cuevas

James Pace High School, Brownsville, TX, US
The purpose of this project was to simulate the Rio Grande River and design a weir which will be able to deviate water for storage and, at the same time, increase its flow. First the experiment was tested on the regular river flow, then, it was tested with the integration of the reservoir, finally, the Archimedes screw was added in the third and final test. The water flow increased, however the amount of water decreased as it was predicted since it deviated towards the weir. The innovated weir increased the water flow by approximately 10 percent in comparison to the regular weir. In conclusion, the hypothesis was supported by this experiment, the innovated weir design was more efficient.

1. As a part of this research project, the student directly handled, manipulated, or interacted with (check ALL that apply):



o human participants

o potentially hazardous biological agents

o vertebrate animals

o microorganisms

o rDNA

o tissue

This abstract describes only procedures performed by me/us,
✔ Yes
reflects my/our own independent research, and represents one year’s o work only
I/we worked or used equipment in a regulated research institution or industrial setting:

o No

o Yes
o No

4. This project is a continuation of previous research.
o Yes

5. My display board includes non-published photographs/visual o Yes
depictions of humans (other than myself):

✔ No

✔ Yes
6. I/we hereby certify that the abstract and responses to the o
above statements are correct and properly reflect my/our own work.

o No

✔ No

This stamp or embossed seal attests that this project is in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations and that all appropriate reviews and approvals have...
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