Absolutophobia in the Society

Topics: Morality, Social contract, Ethics Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: October 28, 2007
As time passes bv, the world faces more and more problems. There have been events in history where millions of people have been killed, and well someone out there has wanted to excuse such actions, because perhaps society at that time couldn't really convince themseleves to belief the immorality of the people doing so. When something bad happends in the world today, people try to find some sort of excuse for the actions of the "bad people". Take for example the shooting in Columbine, an exert from Wikipidia says the following " Much discussion also centered on the nature of high school cliques and bullying, as well as the role of violent movies and video games in American society". The shooting was followed by research to see if the actions of two kids could be blamed on small things such as video games and movies.

It is things like these that I believe had led our society to have "absolutophobia". The one problem I see with "absolutophobia" is that it targets young college students, but I believe this could be traced back to earlier generations. I believe absolutophobia is a problem, but only because it has been a response to societies need for an excuse. A goverments'role is to provide safety for its people, and keep them out of danger. The thing is that no matter where you go, evil exists, and to keep people somewhat calm, one tries to find some sort of answer to excuse the actions of the "evil do-er". One can say ethical relativism is what has brought us to this. If an action is not up to standards to the society in which it is performed, no one in that society will say that immoraltity exists within it but rather try to blame it in something that is beyond the control of the society itself.

As Thomas Hobbes tried explaining in his social contract theory, the way to define what is moral comes from a state of nature. This is because the society isn't formed yet and in order for it to be, there was to be a set of moral ideas in which each member of the...
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