Absolutism vs. Democracy - Comparative Essay

Topics: Political philosophy, Monarchy, Form of government Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Absolutism vs. Democracy

Democracy is a government where the people rule and have rights, whereas absolutism is a government with one ruler and the people have limited rights. Absolutism was the most effective form of government from the 1500s to the 1800s because society needed guidance and monarchs had the power to do what was fit for their country. This particular period was a time of change not only in the government but in the areas of science, art, technology, and religion as well. Since there was so much change in society, there needed to be an effective form of government to guide the people. Absolutism, therefore, was the most effective form of government for the people from the 1500s to the 1800s. After a series of revolutions in technology, art, and religion, people came into a new world as an infant. Much like an infant, society needed structure, not a government that changes every four years. As people become accustomed to liberties such as freedom from the church, they begin to look to other sects of society for freedoms. Just as King Louis XIV stated, the more rights you give to the governed, the more rights they will demand. Society needed monarchies to guide them through the forest of uncertainty. Although it may not be apparent, absolute rulers have the best intentions for the country. When Peter the Great forced nobles of Russia to cut their beards, it was not to take away their individual liberties; He was simply guiding Russia in the direction of European society, one that did not approve of beards. Absolute monarchies were able to give society the structure they lacked. Through monarchies’ guidance, countries were able to mature to a higher level than they would have been able to develop under their own direction. If people of this time period were in fact ungrateful and deceitful, as Machiavelli stated in The Prince, how could they strengthen their country? The only way countries could grow to the point they grew to was if the citizens...
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