Absolutism Essay 9

Topics: Monarchy, Political philosophy, Sovereignty Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: November 15, 2005
"God is holiness itself, goodness itself, and the power itself. In these things lies the majesty of God. In the image of these things lies the majesty of the prince."

The thesis statement above by Jacques-Benigne Bossuet clearly illustrates the concept or theory of the ‘Divine Right of Kings' which basically argues that certain kings ruled because they were chosen (by God) to do so and that these kings were accountable to no person except God respecting only the fundamental laws. Because the monarch ruled with "absolute" or unshared power, the term ‘absolutism' came about. These kings are said to rule absolutely by the will of God. To oppose the king was equivalent to a rebellion against God. The king therefore was not to be questioned or disobeyed. According to Bossuet, God's purpose in instituting absolute monarchy was to protect and guide the society.

I believe that the thesis statement above is one that is very ideal. Yes, I believe that the majesty of God lies on the fact that he is holy, good and powerful. If the prince can truly be in the image of God, then arguments regarding the divine right of the ruler are not necessary. For indeed it is in God's image that the prince becomes majestic. The last part of the statement which says that "In the image of these things lies the majesty of the prince", shows the great potential of the ruler if he is able to live up to the likeness of God. This of course is quite impossible. No one can really possess God's image or likeness. We also cannot discount the fact that rulers are men and they are not immune to the world's temptations namely: riches, honors, and power that is never satisfied. There is no such limit when it comes to acquiring glory. The desire of finding a person with the "majesty of the prince" in its truest sense is just like striving for St. Thomas Moore's "utopia." It is something that we all should aim for but at the same time as of now impossible in this world. The thesis...
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