Absolutism Essay 5

Topics: Charles I of England, Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV of France Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: May 5, 2009
What Makes an Absolute Ruler?
An absolute monarch is a king or queen who has unlimited power who seeks to control all aspects of society. In the seventeenth century, people wanted to have a ruler that could be trusted and could lead the people well. To be an absolute ruler one must be able to control and obtain power. Louis XIV of France came into power as a young boy he was capable of ruling over a big population which helped him be an absolute ruler. Charles I of England came into power while the country was in financial ruins, in order to stable it he used his absolute rule, unfortunately it didn’t work out as well as he wanted it to. Peter the Great wanted to make the technology of Russia better so his plan was to westernize Russia. The only way Czar Peter could westernize Russia was if he was an absolute ruler that had his power legitimized. Louis XIV, Charles I, and Peter the Great legitimized their power by; limiting religious freedom, building architecture to make their reputation, and by reducing others. Louis XIV and Peter the Great take control of the church by limiting religious freedom to enhance their power. King Louis used something called the divine right of kings to help him obtain the church. The divine right was the idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God's representative on earth. An absolute monarch answered only to God, not to his or her subjects. You could not lose the divine right so King Louis used it as a justification to his actions, which is why people did not question him. The government tried to pass something called the Edict of Nantes which was a law saying that Protestants could stay in England; King Louis overturned this edict because he wanted everyone to be catholic and by limiting the religious freedom it showed his power. Peter the Great on the other hand encouraged his people to stay away from the “heretics” which were the Protestants and Catholic because he wanted Russia to be...
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