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Topics: Louis XIV of France, Palace of Versailles, Louis XV of France Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Throughout history autocratic rulers have come to power. Autocratic rulers control the power of the nobility, control religious authorities as well as, use armies to expand their borders and make laws. These leaders have tried to control their countries. The actions taken to control their countries helped and hurt the countries. Two such leaders, Czar Peter the Great of Russia and King Louis the XIV of France were both examples of Autocrat whose actions helped and hurt their countries. Peter the Great’s autocratic actions like taking control by expanding and westernizing his country and building a new capital, both helped and hurt his country. Louis XIV was another example of an autocratic ruler who actions like building a magnificent palace in order to control the nobility and thinking that France revolved around him, both helped and hurt his country. Cesar Peter the Great was an autocratic ruler whose actions turned Russia into a powerful force and left him labeled as an absolute king. In August 1700 Peter made the decision to declare war in Sweden. He hoped to open a road from Russia to the west by conquest of the Baltic littoral (Doc. 4). Peter the Great sought warm water ports on the Black Sea in order to expand and westernize Russia. He westernized Russia by imitating western customs like having the men’s beards shaved and ordering traditional coats cut. After winning access to the Baltic littoral Peter the Great ordered construction of St. Petersburg as the new capital. St. Petersburg was an important symbol of Peter the Great’s power because it showed how he expanded Russia’s borders which is one of the many reasons he was an absolute ruler. Next, Peter the Great’s use of autocratic power both helped and hurt Russia. According to Michael Gibson, Peter the Great turned Russia into a great power feared by all. He created an army of 210,000 men and left behind a fleet of 48 ships (Doc. 6). In addition, Peter the Great had...
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