Absolutism and Peter the Great Analysis

Topics: Middle Ages, Peter I of Russia, Moscow Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Absolutism and Peter the Great
Analysis paragraph

Peter the Great made a great effort to change Russia and he conquered his ideas and what he wanted to do with his nation. He strengthened the military, created a navy, and stopped the isolation of Russia. Since Peter was born in the medieval world he was captivated by the modern clothes and army; he was really interested in ships and navy. He built a ship just to communicate with the west (Europe) to exchange technology, ideas and other goods, he wanted to westernize Russia; he felt it necessary to do so because he thought that if Russia didn't modernize it would be left behind and would get run over by his European neighbors. When he went to europe he learned nautical science, how to build a gun, dentistry, astronomy, surgery, making paper, printing, and rendering. He also went all the way to England to build the strongest navy, after 16 months of absence from his homeland there were revolts in Moscow. When he returned to Moscow he changed the way the nobles dressed, and he wanted everyone including the women to educate themselves and be more European. He took Russia out of the dark ages. He also brought news paper, astronomy, new capital, new navy, new museums, new title (emperor) and hospitals. Peter the Great was a great Tsar for Russia; he brought a lot of goods to his nation and that helped to modernize Russia and also to have contact with other parts of the world.
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