Topics: Baroque, Thirty Years' War, Rome Pages: 20 (717 words) Published: February 12, 2015
Response to Crisis:
By: Gavin Conrad, Hunter Quilici, Emily
Wetherington and Gerald Talbott

1. Absolutism - the acceptance of or belief in
absolute principles in political, philosophical,
ethical, or theological matters.
2. Example - France is the best example of
absolutism in the early modern era.

Prime Examples of Absolutists
Bishop Jacques Bossuet
Maria Theresa of Spain
Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV of France
Regarded as the best example of absolutism in
the 17th century. His court was later imitated by
all of Europe.

Cardinal Richelieu
Cardinal Richelieu was Louis XIII’s chief
minister, he strengthened the monarchy’s
power. Richelieu set up a network of spies to
uncover plots by nobles. He crushed the
conspiracies and executed the conspirators.

Despite loses 30 years war,
the Hapsburgs family formed
a strong Catholic nation
in Austria. They had strong
leadership under Maria
Theresa. 1740-1780

Maria Theresa (cont’d)
The Pragmatic Sanction-A royal Decree by Charles VI
(1718) having the force of law by which Europe’s rulers
promised not to divide the Hapsburg lands and the
accept a female succession. She made war with Prussia
when they seized some of her land (silesia).
- Despite a lack of knowledge in politics, she was a good enough politician to get help from other nations (Great Britain and the Netherlands)

Became a powerful Protestant state.
North German Princes called Hohenzoller untied their lands after the Peace of Westphalia.
They took the power of the other lords, known as Junkers, but gained their loyalty back by giving them powerful jobs in the army. They centralized government as an absolute monarchy under Frederick william, who did this by forming one of the fiercest militaries ever seen…


“Prussia is not a state which possesses an army, rather an army that possesses a state.”

Prussia (continued)
Frederick William’s son, named Frederick II, who
was treated harshly by his father, became a brilliant
military leader, and was given the title Frederick the
Austria and Prussia had both arisen as powerful
states, and competed with each other for power over
central Europe for a long time to come.

The War of Austrian Succession

The Economy and War
The cost of building palaces, maintaining his
court, and pursuing his wars made finances a
crucial issue for Louis XIV.

The War of Austrian Succession
Frederick the Great invades the Austrian territory of Silesia ● Great desire to expand Prussian territory
● Silesia was rich in natural resources
Frederick the Great rejected the Pragmatic Sanction which
justified Marias power
Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
● Officially recognized Prussias rise as an important
European nation

The 7 Years War
Maria Theresa was determined to get Silesia
She was allied with Russia, whose Empress
Elizabeth was an enemy of Frederick
By the wars end Frederick the Great was able
to keep most of Silesia

Peter the Great
Czar- from the Romanov Family
He took over then he was 10 but didn’t exercise
his power until 1686
Sought to westernize Russia

Peters goals
● Westernize Russia
● Strengthen the military
● Expand his borders Centralize royal powers

The Mannerism Period
The artistic renaissance came to an end when
this movement began in Italy in the 1520’s and
1530’s. The Reformations revival of religious
values brought much political turmoil.

Mannerism continued
Mannerism spread from Italy to other parts of
Europe and perhaps reached its highest point
in the work of El Greco, “the Greek.” El Greco
studied the elements of Renaissance painting
in Venice.

The Baroque Period
Mannerism was eventually replaced by a new
movement, the baroque. Baroque artists tried
to bring together the classical ideals of
Renaissance art and the spiritual feeling of the
sixteenth century religious revival.

Gian Lorenzo...
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