Topics: World, English-language films, New Orleans Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Nicole Colonna
Let’s face it--the world needs some changing. I remember watching in horror as the Twin Towers collapsed. I remember watching Katrina engulf and devour New Orleans. I remember watching seventh grade bullies taunt and harass my friends. But most of all, I remember feeling powerless watching each of these events take place. So I retreated to the comfort of my notebook and began to create worlds where towers didn’t fall, waters didn’t overcome levees, and where bullies knew the damage they caused. I knew at a young age that my pen held the power to change the world, and so that is why I write. I write because when I write, I am in control. I can erase, edit, and redo. I can create and destroy. I am doing something that physicists say is impossible. I serve as the puppeteer of my craft, controlling the movement and flow of my words as I give them depth and complexity. But I am not just a puppeteer - I am an orchestrator. As I vary sentence length, I create music. I can make my sentences short and concise. I can make them long and passionate as they build in excitement and intensity with the impetus of a crescendo. But I am not just a puppeteer and an orchestrator – I am a supreme being; a hero, as I control the stories I write with just the ink of my pen. I write to give justice to the unjust. To rewrite the stories of those whose lives have already been written for them. I write because I want to live in a world where the headlines of newspapers focus not on our misfortunes, but on our progress, and where the promise of a better tomorrow holds precedence over the effects of the past. I write because I want to be heard. I want my words to reverberate not just throughout the confines of the paper, but throughout the minds of the readers. I want to instill my passion within others. I think one of the greatest connections you can have with somebody, is understanding somebody. I want to build that connection through words, because words create...
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