Absolute Monarchy. 10 Social Studies

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Absolute Monarchs were eithere kings or queens who controlled the complete way of life in the country they ruled. Absolutism is the rule of one person over any given thing. The two rulers that showed absolutism in the documents are Louis 14th and Peter the Great. They were both absolute monarchs and both ruled over large territories.

An absolute monarch has both positive and negative affects as a system or government. One positive attribute is organization. In document eight, Louis the 14th describes the necessity of organization when ruling a country. Without organization, a kingdom is vulnerable and its fall is imamate. With one absolute ruler, nothing is discussed nor fought over. As Louis 14th described, “The interest of the state comes first”. A negative attribute for having an absolute ruler is that if he dies, the country is vulnerable to attacks and the throne may be fought over for centuries. If the public doesn't agree with the rulers’ decision, they have no choice but to be killed or change their opinion.

America is an amazing country of freedom. One of the freedoms we have is the freedom of speech. To say whatever we want whenever we want without consequences. One of the first rulers to believe in this freedom is Peter the Great. According to document three, Peter the Great believed that his people should be allowed to speak openly and truthfully about their king.

A sign of a kingdoms wealth and power is the king’s house. In Louis the 14th’s case, his palace was possibly the biggest home in the world. The house was able to hold up to 10000 people at one time. It is a sign of Frances power and is still there today. One reason Peter the Great was such an amazing ruler is that he spent time visiting other countries and trying to blend all the best ideas together. As in document 6, the reason that Peter the Great was able to do all he wanted was because everyone had to bend to his every wishes and commands.

Absolute rulers have ruled...
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