Absolute Certainty

Topics: Logic, Critical thinking, Philosophy of mathematics Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: November 9, 2006
Out of all that we as intelligent human beings have accomplished in this world, is absolute certainty the only thing that us as humans aren't capable of logically doing?

For example anyone can present an argument regardless of how much "proof" exists about that one particular subject. Everything that we believe in takes some degree of faith in order to believe it. Whether it be Christianity, Atheism, Satanism, Wicca, Judaism etc. Yes, there are plausible arguments for everything but to come to absolute certainty about any one thing is virtually impossible. In other words nothing in this world is provable. Absolutely positively without a doubt concrete rock solid evidence does not exist, there fore any one aspect of any one argument can be disproved or regarded as irrelevant based on the conclusion that no absolute proof exists. Even though I am a Christian and I believe that the Word of God and God himself is real, trying to tell an atheist that is like trying to prove the impossible. And for the essays sake, visa versa. Arguing is in itself a paradoxical feat of belligerents almost like a dog chasing it's tail. No matter what is said, all can be summed up as rhetoric. You can't prove that something is true just based off the fact that the consensus views it as such. You can win the battle but in fact can never win the war.

In order to reach some sort of conclusion in any situation, one must check and re-check every possible variable in the equation, which I believe if given enough time it is inevitable that one reaches a positive conclusion. Unfortunately the time in which humans have existed on this planet is equivalent to a grain of sand in the bottom of an Olympic size swimming pool. However I, or no one else for that matter, can prove it, one can only speculate. It is possible to come to a logical "resting point" ,if you will, in any argument, discussion or even theory. This can be done by verifying all data, comparing it with logically observations...
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