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Topics: Absolut Vodka, Brand, Brand management Pages: 11 (3463 words) Published: November 4, 2008
1. Introduction

Since March 2008 ABSOLUT VODKA belongs to the portfolio of the French company Pernod Ricard, the world's second biggest producer of alcoholic beverages. The acquisition of ABSOLUT was kind of importance for the company as it already held important positions on the whisky and gin segments, but did not have a strong vodka brand. Now with ABSOLUT Pernod Ricard held and successfully brand which belongs to the premium segment of the Vodka market. ABSOLUT VODKA which is originally from Sweden, is still produced according a special procedure introduced in the nineteenth century by "The Vodka King", Lars Olsson Smith. In fact, the medallion on every bottle of today’s ABSOLUT VODKA bears his portrait. The unique process is called continuous distillation: ABSOLUT VODKA is distilled hundreds of times until all impurities have been removed. Even the bottles for ABSOLUT VODKA, which was inspired by an 18th-century Swedish medicine bottle, are still manufactured in Sweden. From Åhus in southern Sweden the vodka shipped to countries all over the world. The Vodka was introduced into the Unites States in 1979. Today it’s the fourth largest international premium spirit in the world. It has become the top-selling premium spirits brand in the United States and the worlds leading brand of premium vodka which is available in 126 markets. Since the launch in 1979 ABSOLUT has reached worldwide outstanding sales growth. 2007 was an excellent year for ABSOLUT Vodka. Sales increased by 9% to 96,6 millions of litres. Some 500,000 bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA are produced every day. The biggest selling market is the USA (45,2 millions of litre) followed from Canada (3,4 millions of litres) Spain (3,1 millions of litres) United Kingdom (2,9 millions of litres) and Germany (2,9 millions of litres). The target audience of ABSOLUT VODKA are primarily urbanites from ages 25 to 34 which could describe as active, youthful, sociable and fashionable. When Eva Kempe-Forsberg, VP Marketing at Absolut Vodka was asked what goals the brand have for the future her answer was, “Absolut will be the most attractive brand on the global vodka market. The key qualities that consumers will associate with the product should be: “smart, stylish, creative and witty.”

2. Brand Awareness
Brand awareness is the first step to build brand equity. Here marketers try to establish identity of the brand in the mind of consumers Brand awareness is defined as the consumer’s ability to recall and recognize the brand under different conditions and to link the brand elements to certain associations in memory. Marketers try to influence what pops into consumer’s mind when they think of the product category the brand belongs to or a usage situation which related to the brand. In the best case the first thing people that pops into peoples mind is the brand. In this step the brands have to answer the consumer’s question: “Who are you”. Brand salience is here a key word. It measures the awareness of a brand and frequency and possibility the brand is evokes under different situations.

Brand awareness consists of two different parts: Brand recall and brand recognition. Brand recall measures the consumer’s ability to retrieve the brand from memory when given the product category or a usage situation. On the other hand brand recognition is consumer’s ability to identify the brand when given the brand as a cue. We can say that it’s generally easier to recognize a brand than to recall it. Brand awareness is critical for the success of a brand. High brand awareness increase the likelihood that the brand is in the consideration set of consumers, the handful brands that receive serious consideration for purchase. So the aim of every brand is to reach deep, broad brand awareness. In our survey we measured the brand awareness of ABSOLUT VODKA to find out how strong the familiarity between the brand and the respondent people are....
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