Absenteeism in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Absenteeism, Policy Pages: 7 (2150 words) Published: October 30, 2013
This paper will discuss and assess the Human Resource issue of absenteeism in the workplace. Specifically this paper will research the policies of Insight Technology, Inc. and determine the effectiveness and infectiveness of certain polices. This paper will also discuss the effect that absenteeism has on the company. Few people realize that there are positives to absenteeism in the workplace. The positives that come from absenteeism include relief from stress caused by work, and allow other employees to become more well-rounded and the present employees will gain experience from taking over the absentee’s workload also known as job rotation. The negatives that come from absenteeism include less pay to employees, loss of experience, and loss of discipline in the workplace. Negative effects on the company include overworking present employees, lower production, and simple hassle. Currently, Insight Technology, Inc. only has a few absenteeism prevention policies in place including: blackout dates, in which the employees cannot ask for that specific date off, and benefit incentives for employees that follow policy. The current issue with the policies that are in place is the need for updating and lack of follow through. In order for Insight to better adapt their policies it would be important to first read through their manual to have a good understanding of policies currently in place, they should then edit their policies and review it with all current and new employees. After these employees have read and understood the policy for absenteeism they should sign a paper saying they understand then it is important to then monitor the progress, if any, to determine whether the policy change has been effective. If some employees still do not agree or follow policy than Insight should issue warnings or terminate if necessary. This paper discusses in detail the current policies this company has in place as well as the policies that should be reviewed and possibly put into place to better address the absenteeism issue.

Absenteeism is defined as frequent or habitual absence from work. In other terms absenteeism is purposely and regularly being absent from work. Human Resources is defined as an organization that deals with administration, management, and training of personnel. These two terms are related because they both deal with employee management in the workplace. Human Resource specifically deals with absenteeism as a growing problem in today’s workplace. Research states that absenteeism in the workplace has risen greatly in the past four years in companies all over the United States. When absenteeism occurs in the workplace it has a huge effect on the whole company. Absenteeism has a lot of positive and negative effects on both employees and the company. There are many positives and negatives that result from absenteeism in the workplace. The positives for employee with a high absenteeism rate include reduction of stress that comes from work. Along with an employee being absent it allows coworkers to get additional skill development and job variety. A crew as a whole becomes partially better when an employee has large absenteeism rate, they learn how to respond to and maintain production without the employee. Along with the positives mentioned there is a long list of negatives. For an employee these negatives include a loss of pay, loss in discipline, and a loss in experience in the workplace. Coworkers experience an increase in workload and possible conflict with the employee with the high absenteeism rate. The crew as a whole may have a decrease in productivity and coordination problems. Insight Technology, Inc. is premier factoring network that works with truck drivers; this company has an extremely high rate of absenteeism in the workplace. The past year at Insight Technology, Inc. has had an extremely high rate of absenteeism from almost every employee. Statistically one employee out of fourteen is absent...

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