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absenteeism and tardiness

By aizareyes31 Aug 11, 2014 328 Words
Causes of Absenteeism
Absenteeism is caused by many factors as such as:
1. Phobic Adolescence: During this stage in the growth of a teen, there is a lot of fear developed as a result of physical changes of the body for example growth of pimples, turbulent emotions e.t.c. This scares teens away from school. 2. Lack of Interest: Students could be lacking interest in the study, which could be as a result of content that is difficult for them to grasp hence pushing them away from school. 3. Teacher approach: The approach used by teachers may not be understood by the student and this could lead them to lose interest in school. Punitive attendance policy plays a big role in absenteeism too. 4. Pamperness from the family: Students who get excessive pocket money from their families are most likely to absent themselves from school since they need time to spend the money. 5. Private Couching: Flexible private couching encouraged by some parents could drive a number of students away from the conventional school timetable. 6. Diseases: Some diseases like asthma which requires attention and care as well as an environment that is warm and not dusty could make students remain home. 7. School Infrastructural Facilities: Lack of libraries, sports facilities is a hindrance to attendance of school among students. 8. Entertainment: Accessibility of entertainment facilities like cinemas could divert attention of some students from school. Absenteeism can lead to depression and also result in poor quality of education as a result of time lost while being away from school. It could also lead to moral degradation that leads to drug abuse, early pregnancies and unruly behavior. Absenteeism can be remedied by providing adequate co-curricular activities to students. It could be curbed by creating of clubs and societies to keep students busy when they are out of class. Schools should strive to have up to date learning facilities like libraries as well as sporting facilities to make students enhance student retention.

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