Absent Fathers Research Paper

Topics: Family, Mother, Father / Pages: 7 (1556 words) / Published: Nov 2nd, 2016
Absent Fathers in Children’s lives Children need someone to rely on in their lives and can not just count on their mothers. They need a strong male presence in their lives to lead and provide for them. A male role model will help children make better decisions in their daily lives. “It is acknowledged that children need structure, protection, stability and connection to develop and thrive. It is argued the father is important role, not only to support the main mother, but also to provide a caring,comfortable, confident presence,” (Stephenson 2). Kids need a male role model to take care of the family. One of the parents need to be at home to give children the physical and mental support they need through their childhood. When children do not …show more content…
Without a full family in children's lives they will be lead to a life of violence and hate. Absent fathers is a major problem in this time period. “The new century challenge is how to find sustainable solutions to the effects of absent fathers in our families,”(Ogbuja). Many children will endure an emotional journey to figure out who they are without so one to provide comfort and support. “The loss of a parent due to death or divorce causes a child’s fear of abandonment increases, most of the time into adulthood. When a child grows up without a parent, they can have feelings of grief and blame themselves for the loss of their parent,”(Leving) Someone needs to be able to be with them through their childhood. If the kids do not have a father the mother will have to go out in the workforce to provide food for them leaving them alone to figure out who they are, so they have less time with their mother and lack a parental figure to guide them.“Kids develop difficult life and often times unruly in school. They want to feel belonged amongst men. When they fail to complete this, they spend time with friends and grow strong attachment with them because they are searching for a father figure, someone whom they will look up to and learn

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