Absence Management

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Absence Management

Absence management is the effective monitoring and management of employees who are off work due to sickness related or unauthorised absence from work over both short term and long term periods of time.

Sickness absence in the work place usually varies in length but they are most usually commonly grouped as:-

• Short-term – absences of less than five days
• Medium-term-absences of one to four weeks
• Long-term – absences greater than four weeks

The most common causes for short-term illnesses include minor illnesses such as headaches, colds, flu’s and stomach bugs. Long-term illnesses can range from back problems, stress, anxiety and depression.

If an organisation does not have a good reliable attendance management policy in place then the organisation will most likely be affected by long-term sickness absence in the workforce.

There is no actual law in place to cover attendance management and therefore organisations should have a number of different policies in place to manage this problem themselves. All employees should have a sickness absence policy in place and should make all employees aware of this policy. Employers should also make their employees aware of the procedures they must follow in the event of any sickness absence episodes within their employment.

An organisation should also have a team of professional people in place to oversee the absence management within the business. This team should consist of Human Resource Management staff, Directors, Line Managers, Trade Unions and Occupational Health Practitioners. Therefore there is a wide level and range of expertise available to oversee the policy and help and assist sick staff inn their return to work.

A good Absence Management policy should also have a number of good practices in place to assist employees back into the workplace. These should include:-

• Regular contact from mangers during their illness
• Return to work...
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