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Culinary 1

Abruzzo Regional Cuisine


Abruzzo is a very unique and traditional region of Italian cuisine. Abruzzo is one of the highest peaks of Italy standing at an (altitude of over 9,500ft) it’s not usually visited by many tourists because of transportation issues but also not popular worldwide to visit since it’s such a small place. The wines and cheeses of Abruzzo are very popular throughout Italy for its rich and bold wines and bitter & sweetness for its cheeses. Its top four well known wines are Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Controguerra, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo. Most known cheeses Cacio Marcetto, Caciofiore Aquilano, Cacioricotta Abruzzese, and Caciotta d'Abruzzo. The cheeses are usually made from sheep milk or sometimes cow milk. Flavored by rich spices like chili pepper or saffron. A lot of their cheeses are also aged for a couple years to get the rich and bitter tastes of the cheeses.

Famlies of Abruzzo raise pigs and every winter slaughter and clean them and sell traditional ham,salamis, and sausage. Familys that don’t raise their own pigs stock up heavily on meats for the cold winter time. This is very common for every Italian family. Pork, pork liver, and sheep meat are the most common eaten meats in Abruzzo.

The most common spices used in Abruzzo are the chili peppers, saffron, and fruity olive oil. Pasta is preferred as the first course and is usually the famous “Guitar Pasta”. It’s called that because the tool used to shape the pasta looks and acts as a guitar. You first make the dough and roll it out decently thin and flatten. After you put the pasta flat on the guitar strings you roll it and poke the fresh pasta through the strings and make even thicker pasta than normally. Their pasta is made with very common ingredients. Garlic,basil,chili pepper, and fresh grape/cherry tomatoes all chopped and mixed with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Their dough is made out of solomina flour & eggs that’s it, nothing else. It is a very common Italian way of making and shaping dough. Since Abruzzo is off the water, its seafood is also very popular in this region. The most common dish is “The Brodetto” which is a soup with 10 different kinds of seafood. The best place to get this dish is between Giulianova & Vasto (North/South coast). The most typical products Abruzzo uses are Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Beans, LentilsMozzarella, Cheese, Red Garlic, Italian confett, Italian truffles, and Saffron. These are always being used on a daily basis by families and the region in there dishes. These are all very expensive and not always commonly used throughout the world for actually everyday spices they use in a region or country. It’s a total different kind of quality in foods and dishes. More rich and suggested in the food world.

I personal love and think Abruzzo is a perfect region to visit because of its famous traditional foods and everyday styles they use to cook and live. What I love most about this region is its Guitar homemade Pasta. It’s a very old and traditional way of making and shaping

fresh pasta. Its thickness and creaminess is most seen with this pasta. It’s mixed with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and chile cooked then in a pan.

This region would be very suggested by me mainly because of the traditions they still have for everyday foods and techniques of Italia. I think the most interesting about this region is how much they use chile pepper in everyday dishes. It really changes up the style and taste in food compared to the rest of the Italian regions.

Also think this is the most balanced region in Italy from Italian wines,meats,cheeses,fish, and its famous pasta. Everything is just as popular as the next thing. Keeping traditions like this region bring out the true everyday cuisine. It’s not as easy keeping some of these traditions from the past 100 years to presently, and that’s why I enjoyed this region so...
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