Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Critique

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Critique of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
Tanya Willie
ENG 225: Introduction to Film
Prof. Sarah Snook
January 24, 2013

Critique of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012), the actions that take place began with its use of storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing, sound, style, and directing each part creating the masterpiece. I will reveal how the storytelling is played out, the different types of actors that is being used, how cinematography and editing’s roles take effect, and how the style and directing affect the film.

In Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter (2012), Abraham struggled with the loss of his mother. As a young boy he fights when standing up for a friend who was being treated as a slave by stopping him from being beaten with a whip. Unknown at the time, this man was truly not a man, but a vampire. When young Abraham’s father intervenes, it creates a target on his family. It did not help when Abraham’s mother stated “until every man is free, we are all slaves” (Bekmambetov, 2012). The vampire soon after snuck into the Lincoln’s home and killed Abraham’s mother, which all takes place while he watched from his loft above. His struggle with her loss grew within him into adulthood where he finally began to plot on killing the man who took his mother from him. During his plotting, while drowning his sorrows in a bar, Abraham meets a man. This man eventually saves him when he attempts to kill Barts, the vampire that killed his mother. Henry Sturges agrees to teach Abraham to destroy, not kill, vampires as long as Abraham commits to becoming a full time vampire hunter and let go of his vengeance. Henry tells Abraham that you cannot kill that which is not dead, you must destroy them (Bekmambetov, 2012). Along Abraham’s journey he destroys many vampires with his ax coated with silver on the blade, yet not getting the privilege to hunt the main vampire he desires. In time he finds the love of a woman, Mary Todd, and his place as a political leader. All this is very much to the dismay of his mentor, Henry, being it is against the code of a vampire hunter who is damned to live a life with no friends, family, or career. These things became prominent after Abraham found out that Henry was a vampire himself. In Abraham’s politics he uses the words of his mother to guide him with his ambitions.

The story is about how a boy becomes a man after the mysterious death of his mother, and how her words, “until every man is free, we are all slaves” lingered in his mind transforming him into a man (Bekmambetov, 2012). The irony of the death of his mother is that he could save his friend, but could not save his mother, leaving Abraham to struggle with the conflicting anger he contained from her being taken away so soon in his life. It takes nine years for him to realize his anger was all due to him feeling that he failed to save her. Also he is ironically trained to destroy vampires by Henry who he later learns is also a vampire.

This film used a variety of actors in order to create this masterful collection of scenes. Not only did they speak the script, but had to become the character so the audience would believe what they saw. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) starred Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln, an impersonator actor portraying a secret vampire hunter who later becomes the President of the United States. Dominic Cooper was the wild card actor, starring as Henry Sturges, Abraham’s mentor and a vampire himself. Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred as Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham’s wife. Anthony Mackie starring as Will Johnson was his close, childhood friend. Rufus Sewell starred as Adam, the father of all the American vampires. Last of all Marton Csokas starred as the one who started it all Jack Barts, the vampire who killed Abraham’s mother. Anthony, Mary, Rufus, and Marton were in the background simply character actors used as minor...

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