Abraham Lincoln and Clara Barton

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Clara Barton and Abraham Lincoln

American Literature 1

March 23, 2012

I. INTRODUCTION – Even though undefined, Clara Barton and Abraham Lincoln set a good strong example about the American patriotism during the time of the Civil War. II. BODY – Thomas Jefferson’s Early Life, Politics, and Presidency

A. Early life
1. Born in Kentucky Febuary 12th, 1809
a. Moved to Perry County, Indiana
b. Mother dies
c. Father remarried
d. Schooling

B. Presidency
1. Beginning Presidency
a. Was a lawyer in Illinois.
b. Won 1806 nomination for Republican Party
c. Initiated new ideas
2. Midway through Presidency
a. Selected best officials
b. Resolved Trent Affair
c. Union had control of border states
3. Ending of Presidency
a. Those who opposed Lincoln
b. Reconstruction
c. One of top rated Presidents

III. Body- Clara Barton’s Early life, traveling, and Work A. Early life
1. Born in Massachusetts
a. Parents
b. Good reader
c. Nursed her brother
2. Teaching and schooling
a. Became teacher at seventeen
b. Enrolled at a Liberal Arts school
c. Opened school in New Jersey
3. During the Civil War
a. Nicknamed “Angel of the Battlefield”
b. Worked behind the lines
c. Named Superintendent of Union Nurses
4. Finding missing soldiers
a. Started a bureau to find missing soldiers
b. She was much like Huck Finn looking for Jim.
c. Found info for more than 30,000 missing soldiers
5. Traveling
a. Went to Europe to take a break
b. Promised to rally back in the U.S.
a. Became President of Red Cross
b. Helped in Crisis
i. floods
ii. yellow fever
c. American Amendment was passed

1.Summary of Paper
a. Abramham is most like Huck because he does what he thinks is right above all else.
b. Lincoln’s father fits the role of Pap Finn
c. Clara can be related to Hester because she is a strong women.
d. Her scarlet letter would be that she’s a women

Mikaela Boies
Mrs. Weisman
American Literature 1
March 23, 2012
Abraham Lincoln and Clara Barton
Even though undefined, Clara Barton and Abraham Lincoln set a good strong example about American patriotism during the time of the Civil War. Lincoln did whatever it took to help his country through the good and the bad. Barton pushed through the fact that she was a woman to keep on pursuing her dreams. Therefore leading to some of America’s greatest citizens. In Hardin County, Kentucky in a small log cabin on February 12th, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born. When he was seven his family moved to Perry County, Indiana, and two years later his mother died of tremolo; bad milk (Lincoln Information). His father then married Sarah Bush Johnston. His schooling was less than that of a year, but by the time he was seven he had taught himself to write and was constantly reading anything he could (Hunter). During Abe’s presidency he guided American through the biggest war in American history, the Civil War, and he maintained the Union and ended slavery. Before he had become the president he had been a lawyer in Illinois and a member of the United States House of Representatives (Abraham Lincoln ). In 1860 he won the nomination for the Republican Party and was elected a year after. During his presidency he focused mainly on the success of winning the war. He initiated the idea of his Emancipation Proclamation , the abolition of slavery, and advanced the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution (Gillam). When the war was coming closer to an end he was the first president to be assassinated. He closely oversaw the war attempt and selected the best generals. One...

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