Abraham and Jacob Old Testament

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Abraham and Jacob
Throughout the book of Genesis, Jacob and Abraham are alike and different in many ways. Both men had a close relationship with God and God honored both of them. They also were both patriarchs who share heroic qualities and who have done a lot for there children. It is believed that Abraham and Jacob were two of the founders of Judaism and their descendants are known as the Jewish people. Therefore both of these men are blessed from God and are important parts in Genesis and the Jewish culture. Abraham and Jacob had several similarities with one another, which is shown throughout Genesis. They both have a very strong relationship with God and they actually had to establish their own relationship with God; it was not just presented to them at birth like we see with others. For example when Jacob escapes from Esau, he later has a dream in which God assures him that he is not alone and that he promises to take care of him and return him to home to take care of his descendants. God in turn does everything that was promised in the dream and then Jacob is faithful to God. Abraham also had a similar story to that when God blesses Abraham and promises to make his name great and that he will be a blessing. God is there for Abraham and Jacob and he wants them to represent and be powerful role models and to have an influence on culture. Another similarity of Jacob and Abraham is that they both had more than one wife and were the father to many children. An example being in Genesis 25 when Abraham marries Keturah his second wife and has several children with her. Jacob consequently marries Leah and Rachel two sisters and has his share of children with both of them. The descendants of both Abraham and Jacob live on to be important part of the culture.

Abraham and Jacob although having many similarities throughout Genesis also seem to have many differences that are important to note. Abraham walked with God in most cases and they saw eye to eye and had...
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