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Shirin Martinez
March 14, 2014
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Abraham's Covenant with God

A Covenant is a promise that is made. There are many covenants that are recorded in the Bible, but one that really stands out from the others was God’s covenant with Abraham. God had a covenant with Abraham that he would have many descendants and land. There are two accounts of the covenant that God made with Abraham in the Bible, in Genesis fifteen and Genesis seventeen. Even though these two stories come from the Bible, they tell two different stories of how the covenant was actually established, but the stories keep the covenant as the main idea in both chapters.

In both stories the covenant was established between God and Abram. In chapter fifteen, God came to Abram in a vision and it was through the vision that God spoke to Abraham and made the covenant. In chapter seventeen, he came to Abraham directly; they spoke face to face in this account of the story. In the vision in chapter fifteen Abraham brought a cow, sheep, goat, a dove and a pigeon to sacrifice to God. He cut the cow, sheep and goat in halves and placed them opposite each other, but didn’t cut the birds in half. A smoking pot and fire torch passed between the halves, while in the story in chapter seventeen of Genesis there were no animals involved at all.

In chapter seventeen, Abram’s name was change from Abram to Abraham, and Sarai’s name was change from Sarai to Sarah. In the story in chapter fifteen, there were no names changed. In chapter seventeen of Genesis, a promise was made between God and Abraham that all males must be circumcised .

God had rules that he gave to Abraham in both of the stories that came under the covenant, but the rules were different. The rules of the covenant that God made with Abraham in the story in chapter fifteen was that he needed to make a sacrifice to God, which consisted of a cow, a sheep, a goat, a dove and a pigeon. The rules of the...
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